Berguedà is a region of mushrooms

Berguedà is a region known for mushrooms. We have especially rovellons, llenegues, ous de reig, cama groc, cama de perdiu … In autumn, the forests of the region offer their fruits. The weather and the diversity of forest areas allow plenty of mushrooms.

The Berguedà is a region in autumn turns. Fortunately, it is a territory where it can be harvested mushrooms are highly appreciated. The colour and texture dominate the palate for each mushroom making them highly valued. I like a lot. Get out of the house to delve into the forest and find them priceless.

Rovelló is one of the most popular mushrooms, also called blood-bursts. A mushroom where their habitat is pine. Its colour may be between orange and red. The mushroom that can give confusion to their similarity is lletraga. The big difference is when both mushrooms spoils the look of the mushroom. The rovelló is paint out as blood and the lletraga liquid milk.

Llenega can be white or black. One of the distinctive features of this mushroom is its viscosity. It is very appreciate in central Catalonia. Have a great culinary value when you eat has a very smooth texture and is ideal for stews. Their habitat is mix forest of pine.

Mushroom ou de reig is very characteristic, when young seems an egg out of a package. When mature and grows takes the form of a mushroom. The hat is yellow-orange. The leg or envelope is white. It is highly appreciate in haute cuisine, is carpaccio of ou de reig. He is currently one of the most expensive mushrooms that are on the market. To avoid any confusion and to be sure it is good when the cut should be golden yellow.

The cama groc is brown hat and yellow leg. There is confusion.

Cama de perdiu is easily disturbed. Curiously when cooked becomes purple colour.

There are many mushrooms, but that are easy to find in the surroundings of our agrotourism establishments: Volta, Baluard and Cal Cisteller.

We encourage you to come and look for mushrooms! The fruits of autumn.


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