Visit Bagà a town medieval

Visit a town of the high Berguedà with its own history. Making tourism will be able to know the past of Bagà. A village founded in 1233 by the lords of Pinós. At present you can still see buildings of the middle Ages. It is a privileged place in the Pyrenees. But Bagà is also present and future.

Visit Bagà, a town that was thanks to the richness of the commerce of the low Middle Ages a favored village. ...

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Region of industrial tourism, el Berguedà

The region of Berguedà has different places to visit doing industrial tourism. You can now know how you lived and how you worked in the splendour of textile factories and colonies. Is part of our history…

A region well-known for all the textile colonies that were formed next to the river Llobregat. Each colony had the surname of the owner of the factory. For example, the colony of Cal Rosal the owner had the Rosal surname. In ...

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Route the source Pere Casas

Very nice and advisable route. It is suitable for all members of the family. You can start at the door of the house. At the end of the route I encourage you to cool off at the creek next to the source. The name of the source is Pere Casas and the stream is that of La Portella.

The route is linear and the distance is almost 5 km round trip. The approximate duration is one and a half ...

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Culture “Mona” Easter

Culture “mona” Easter is a deeply rooted tradition. This dessert accompanied by a chocolate egg and / or sausage. This dessert is a symbol of the period of Lent and abstinences are over. The “mona” eats Sunday and Easter Monday. The tradition of the name comes from the fifteenth century.

Culture and tradition in the house. When it comes Easter is Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Catalonia. It is a bridge that many people ...

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Drone for fun in the house

Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. You must have plenty of space to enjoy the benefits of having the device. Just bring your Drone and space will be yours. Our beautiful rural establishments have outdoor areas. You can rest assured of enjoying your own experience.

Drone on the house for a while. To practice and learn at your own pace, knowing that there is no wall. The rural setting is ideal for flying your Drone. If your device ...

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Mira is a star to see from the farmhouse

Mira is a star. When night comes, the stars appear. From the outside of the cottage, you can see the stars very well. If luck accompany, you can see a shooting star to make a wish or the star Mira.

Mira is a star and the sky there is millions of them. Apart from enjoying the rural house during the day there are also activities for the night. If time good and there are no clouds. The rural house ...

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recepta-codony-casa rural

Recipe of “allioli” of quince

Recipe of “allioli” of quince it made in the autumn. It is when we catch the quince tree. When in a rural house with your family or friends can also implement recipes. In this blog, I offer the recipe I use.

The recipe I use is very practical and easy. I know this blog is not the style of entries that normally do but I wanted to share it. House Ferreres have a quince tree every autumn offers ...

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Berguedà is a region of mushrooms

Berguedà is a region known for mushrooms. We have especially rovellons, llenegues, ous de reig, cama groc, cama de perdiu … In autumn, the forests of the region offer their fruits. The weather and the diversity of forest areas allow plenty of mushrooms.

The Berguedà is a region in autumn turns. Fortunately, it is a territory where it can be harvested mushrooms are highly appreciated. The colour and texture dominate the palate for each mushroom making them ...

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Wifi and agrotourism, new formula

Wifi is a service free for to be connected when the persons are in our establishment. We offer comfort and service. Is a new formula to be connected and to be disconnected.

Wifi in Baluard and Volta, but in Cal Cisteller the place for connecting is on the ground floor of the main house Ferreres is a multipurpose room. It is a space where you can find slate, table tennis and table football.

Is easy connected only is necessary the ...

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