Walk to discover the Fèlix fountain

Walk to do the route of the Fèlix fountain. It is a very advisable route. When you get to the fountain there is a very nice place to rest. It is a way to take a walk, rest and return to the cottage. The itinerary is uneven and at the top of the route, there are some beautiful views. It’s worth doing!

Walk through the woods and on rural roads until you reach the place and be able to rest. You can also see the village of Olvan. A route can done on foot or by bicycle. Its itinerary can be circular, on one side it is 2.5 km and on the other side of 4.1 km. If you choose the shortest part you have more unevenness and when you are about to arrive you will see the town of Olvan. Alternatively, if you choose the longest part, the route is flatter and it will pass through the village. The total adding both sides the route is 6.6 km.

All this is to enjoy a natural environment of great wealth in plant species. Each season of the year can enjoyed equally. In spring, the green of the trees stands out. In summer the yellow of the fields. The sweet autumn the red and brown of the paths. Finally, in winter we can be lucky to see the stalactites and stalagmites that have formed by the low temperatures in the fountain. The tranquillity and silence are prevalent throughout the journey, broken by the song of the birds.

In our rural tourism establishments, we offer the route with all the details. Fortunately, in the region of Berguedà we have spaces and corners worth visiting to enjoy the natural resources that nature offers us.

Remember, you have to wear a suitable and comfortable footwear for walking.


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