Snowfall at rural house

Snowfall spectacular at the rural house. The las days of February. They was different and very beautiful days. Our surroundings remained like a Christmas postcard. It was a few days to enjoy some fantastic images. The region Berguedà and many other regions were dressed in white for a few days.

Snowfall for all the surroundings of the rural house. We could capture some beautiful images that this blog post will be different. We will show our spaces in images and the way we work.

February 27 and 28 were very intense days. It was necessary to remove the snow from the roads so as not to be isolated. Because it washed a lot, we waited for the sun to go to work; we did not want the snow to frozen in the way.

Although it looks very beautiful with the great snowfall. Animals that graze under the trees were left without food. The snow reached a thickness of more than 25 centimetres. We had to bring the food with the tractor. Fortunately, we were able to access it and all the animals could eat.

Finally, when was done at night, the images took a very sweet colour.


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