Find the Christmas Trunk from the rural house

Find the Christmas trunk time. It’s a very fun experience to enjoy the whole family. When we approach Christmas parties we all like to have a gift. But first, it is necessary to have a Christmas trunk to take good care of it. You have to go find the forest. When we have it at home we have to take good care of it and we will surely have many gifts!

Find the Christmas time from your rural house. We have a special route for the occasion. You just have to choose one of our rural houses: Baluard, Volta or Cal Cisteller to spend a weekend. Think of a custom message that you would like you expect of trunk. And in the morning you will find the letter of the route to the door of the house.

It is an activity for the whole family, for all ages. The experience of going to look for the Christmas trunk in the forest is already possible. In the heart of our forests there are Christmas trunks. From our territory, all walks, go to the forest to find the throne. By means of a map that marks the route you will be able to go with the children of excursion by the forest. The meeting of the trunk is a very different experience. Your trunk is hidden in a very special place. Come and find your trunk. It will be an experience full of magic for the little ones at home that will be the protagonists of the adventure.

The route also aims to foster respect for natural environments. Avivating the culture and tradition of the Christmas trunk. And, generate economic activity in the area. It is a totally sustainable experience!

Also, during the weekend. You can do other routes around us. Enjoy the spaces we have to play: football, mini golf, petanque, pimpom, table football. And also, do the activity of farm animals: give the bottle to the young lambs and give the special snack to the dwarf horse called Pipa.


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