Gastronomy typical of Bergueda

Gastronomy of our region. Berguedà is an area well known and appreciated for our gastronomy. The quality of meat and pulses make an excellent menu for restaurants or shops. When tourists want to do rural tourism they can choose to cook in the rural home or go to a restaurant.

Gastronomy of Berguedà. The relationship obtained between food and the environment itself. In the course of time, our region been known for the quality of our meats. A territory has always opted for good products. Our climatology favours obtaining, for example, a very good corn or black peas or varieties of potatoes. In addition, the area known for mushrooms. It is a region where you can enjoy gastronomy in a restaurant or cooking it in the rural home.

Lamb, beef, pork or chicken. They are very good and tasty meats. We, apart from offering rural tourism, are farmers and we market our lamb. Many shopkeepers are also processors and handlers of pork and beef. Besides, you can easily buy farmed chickens.

The squid corn and the black peas are typical dishes of the region. Berguedà is a unique and authentic territory. In the same way that the visitor is able, to appreciate these characteristics the resident values its products. The people of the region are able to convey this feeling of pride to the visitor at the same time that he himself can also enjoy his own gastronomy.

Nor should we forget about fuet, cheeses, jams, cakes … and other elaborate products that are exquisite. I encourage you to take a break in Berguedà and plan all meals in the rural home or in a restaurant. If you prefer to go to a restaurant, we can advise you by explaining the characteristics of the sites.

Much good may it do him!


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