Mira is a star to see from the farmhouse

Mira is a star. When night comes, the stars appear. From the outside of the cottage, you can see the stars very well. If luck accompany, you can see a shooting star to make a wish or the star Mira.

Mira is a star and the sky there is millions of them. Apart from enjoying the rural house during the day there are also activities for the night. If time good and there are no clouds. The rural house being located next to Barcelona in a rural environment where there is no light pollution can see the sky very well. Before of night is at dusk, you can see some fantastic images of our surroundings. Making rural tourism is enjoying nature at any time.







In our rural house: Baluard, Volta and Cal Cisteller in summer there is a pleasant temperature to see the stars and in winter can be see wrapped with a blanket. The important thing is to be able to enjoy the experience of seeing the starry sky in good company. We sometimes do not consider these details. With just a moment, you can enjoy a fantastic panoramic.

There are days that seems a very beautiful and unique scenario. In the town of Saldes he wanted to obtain the “night sky of quality”. Space of natural interest or environments of astronomical observatories. Saldes establishes a clear line of strategic action to be a professional and tourist reference point in astronomy. They carry out sports activities such as the Saldenca Night Walk, as well as the installation of a mobile planetarium.


The night with its stars can be magic!


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