Patum 2024 and the rural house: 5 tips

Patum 2024 in Berga, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is an ancestral festival full of tradition, music, fire and dance that is celebrated every year in Berga. If you are thinking about living the experience of Patum 2024, the Casa Rural La Volta de Ferreres offers you the perfect accommodation for groups of 6-7 people.

Patum 2024 and the rural house located just 10 minutes from Berga, La Volta de Ferreres will allow you to enjoy the party to the fullest while you relax in an incomparable natural environment.

5 tips to enjoy Patum 2024 from La Volta de Ferreres:

1. Plan:

Patum is a very popular festival that attracts thousands of visitors every year. Therefore, it is important to book your accommodation in advance, especially if you are traveling in a group. The Casa Rural La Volta de Ferreres has several spacious and comfortable rooms, perfect for groups of 6-7 people. In addition, it has a fully equipped kitchen, living room with fireplace and private barbecue, ideal for enjoying unforgettable moments.

2. Learn about the history and traditions of Patum:

Before attending the party, we recommend that you inform yourself about the history and traditions of Patum. You can do it by visiting the official Patum website (, or reading books and articles about the festival. This way, you can enjoy the experience with greater depth and meaning.

3. Enjoy the different events of the Patum:

Patum is made up of different events that are celebrated over several days. Among the most notable are:

The Complete Patum: The central act of the festival takes place at night
The Patum de Lucencia: It is celebrated on Thursday and Sunday morning.
La Patum Infantil: A show starring the little ones.
The Parade: A parade of some groups that walk through the streets of the city.

4. Live the party in the streets:

Patum is a festival that takes place in the streets. Don’t stay at home, go out and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Mix with the people, dance to the rhythm of the music and live the party intensely.

5. Rest and regain strength in La Volta de Ferreres:

After a day and/or night of partying, there is nothing better than returning to the Casa Rural La Volta de Ferreres to rest and regain strength. Enjoy dinner on the porch and the tranquility of the natural environment.

Book your accommodation now and experience Patum 2024 to the fullest from La Volta de Ferreres:

Don’t miss the opportunity to live a unique experience at Patum 2024. Book your accommodation at Casa Rural La Volta de Ferreres and enjoy the party with all the comforts.

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