Rasos de Peguera, a space to walk

Rasos de Peguera is a place to enjoy nature Berguedà. A place that can be visit at any time of the year. Each season has its charm. It is a very appreciated by the inhabitants of the region. Access is easy and has a large parking lot, called the Holy Christ.

Rasos de Peguera is a mountainous area, a set of very hilly terrain. It is located in the Pyrenees Mountains above Berga. He was a ski resort but is currently closed. For its geographical location was the only alpine ski resort in the province of Barcelona.

In different seasons, you can enjoy this place. Summer is a place to escape the heat; its height is a cool place. Fall is an excellent place to go looking for mushrooms. In winter, it is a place to have fun in the snow is at an altitude of 1836 meters. Spring flowers and leave predominant colours of nature, ideal for walking. 

Aside from knowing the various advantages of each season offers its own nature, is a place to perform sporting activities in nature. You can go with family or friends, enjoy all of the areas where there had been skiing.

From our rural establishments: Baluard, Volta and Cal Cisteller is a distance of 25 km approximately. Because of the slope and the curves of the road, it self takes about 40 minutes to reach the parking lot of the Holy Christ. On the way, you can go to enjoy splendid views.

The same residents of the Berguedà they like Rasos Peguera. It is a place very close that any valid reason to go for a walk.

When I can, I go with my family.


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