Route of the Tines Ferreres

Short route and easy to do. It is very close to the rural house. The path is wide and good. It can be done with all kinds of footwear, no specific equipment. It is possible to do it by bicycle. It’s very good to do this route without thinking it will be late, there is only a distance of 500 meters.

Practical route to do with the little ones at home. It is an ideal trip to do with family. It is an especially attractive route so that children can discover the Tines. The route can be linear or circular and allows us to know the surroundings closer to Casa Ferreres.

If you choose for the linear route, you just must reach the Tines and return in the same route. If you want to make the circular route, once you have reached the Tines, you can walk a little further until you reach a crossroads and turn to the right. In fact, without losing as a reference the house can be followed the way to the house.

Les Tines de Ferreres is a place of interest in a natural environment. It is a rock in the middle of the forest that has excavations, that is, at the top there are three large holes, where it is assumed that the grapes were going, and they communicate to the three smaller holes, which is understood to be to collect the juice obtained from pressing the grapes and thus to be able to follow the procedure to make the wine.

We can offer this route on paper, tablet or mobile phone. If you want to make it through mobile devices, just click here to access Google Maps.

We encourage you to take the route!


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