Sustainability in the rural house

Sustainability and rural tourism in our rural house, located next to Barcelona, means carrying out actions that everyone can apply to be more respectful of our surroundings:
  • For the outside of the rural house, we have solar LED lights with motion sensor, this way when you have to leave the house at night, you don’t have to look for the switches and when you re-enter the house you don’t you have to think about turning off the light, it automatically turns off.
  • Our municipality of Olvan is adhered to the separation of garbage that we do in our home. For this reason, outside the house, there is a space with selective collection containers to be able to separate the garbage comfortably. We have the green, blue, brown, yellow and turns. In addition, in the fridge there is a reminder that, in a very graphic way, you can see in which container everything goes.
  • All organic remains of natural origin are compostable. The bags for organic waste are different from the others. They are compostable plastic bags. In this way everything, bag and food scraps, can be composted. The organic matter obtained from composting can be used as an organic fertilizer.
  • Solidarize with the oil! It is a way of letting you know how to recycle used cooking oil. In the rural house there is a bottle of crital to put the used oil, then we will pass it to a closed plastic bottle and take it to its corresponding container. In this way we can improve the water quality of our rivers, because we should know that a liter of oil contaminates a thousand liters of water.
  • Firewood is a renewable energy. People have the ability to transform it into useful energy. In the rural house you will find wood for the fireplace and the barbecue, on the one hand we heat ourselves and on the other we heat and cook our food.
  • We offer two bicycles to make mobility more sustainable. In this way the effects of pollution and noise are diminished giving a positive effect on your health. And on the other hand it will help prevent the climate impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.


 Sustainability is a way of working the present thinking in the future.