Visit Bagà a town medieval

Visit a town of the high Berguedà with its own history. Making tourism will be able to know the past of Bagà. A village founded in 1233 by the lords of Pinós. At present you can still see buildings of the middle Ages. It is a privileged place in the Pyrenees. But Bagà is also present and future.

Visit Bagà, a town that was thanks to the richness of the commerce of the low Middle Ages a favored village. In its splendor it was reflected in most of its constructions. Walking through the corners of the town you can discover the magic of the middle Ages. The Vila de Bagà is considered the historical capital of the Alt Berguedà. The Medieval Center and the Cathars is located at the Palau dels Barons de Pinós. It is currently a cultural asset of national interest. Place of interest where the Road of the Good Men passes.

In addition, Bagà is a town known for its traditional festivals.

The feast of the Faia Faia is celebrated on December 24, as a liturgy of worship. It declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO (together with all the faults in the Pyrenees). It is a celebration, a prelude to Christmas festivities. Relate the fire with fertility and birth. Fallaires climb to the mountain and light up a bonfire when dark. They transport the beech trees to the Porxada place with dances and fireworks.

Bagà is very present in its era of splendor. Every year an intense Medieval Market is organized that begins on the second Saturday of July and ends on the third Sunday of the same month. There are a multitude of activities, such as demonstrations of antique trades, stalls with products from the region. There is also the representation of the legend of the Rescate of the Donzelles Cent. It is a medieval tale about the miraculous liberation of the Catalan nobles Galceran II de Pinós and the Sancerni knight, lord and vassal of the barony of the Pines. This legend is also known in reference to the rescue demanded by their captives.

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