Region of industrial tourism, el Berguedà

The region of Berguedà has different places to visit doing industrial tourism. You can now know how you lived and how you worked in the splendour of textile factories and colonies. Is part of our history…

A region well-known for all the textile colonies that were formed next to the river Llobregat. Each colony had the surname of the owner of the factory. For example, the colony of Cal Rosal the owner had the Rosal surname. In the region of Berguedà there were many textile colonies: La Plana, Monegal, Cal Metre, Cal Bassacs, Viladomiu Vell, Viladomiu Nou, El Guixaró, Cal Prat, Cal Casas, Cal Pons, Cal Marçal, Cal Vidal, Cal Riera, Merola …

The buildings that make up a colony are divided into three groups, depending on the functions. Next to the river was the factory. The residential complex with the owners house. And on the other hand, the working colony: with the houses, the services, the cultural buildings and the spaces of leisure.
Currently you can visit different spaces:

The Tower of the Amo of Viladomiu Nou is a building built as the residence of the owners of the Viladomiu textile colony. It is a building that is advised to visit to know the lifestyle of the owners of the colony.

The colony of Cal Pons stands out for its symbolic buildings such as the church, the convent and the two modernist towers, all surrounded by a garden. You can visit the interpretation centre of the church of the Pons colony, known as the Llobregat cathedral.

The Cologne Vidal museum allows you to see how it worked and lived in an industrial colony of the beginning of the century. From the factory you can see the lock and the canal that diverted the Llobregat water. In the visit you can also see the turbine and the steam engine. In the warehouse of the looms, it is shown the most significant textile machinery of the process of transformation of cotton: the continuous ones of filing the garland looms. The workers ‘colony is visited by workers’ apartment, school, library, cinema, church, fishmonger, showers and utility bins.

Our rural houses: Baluard, Volta and Cal Cisteller are very near. As reflected in the map.
Do you encourage yourself to do industrial tourism?



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