Culture “Mona” Easter

Culture “mona” Easter is a deeply rooted tradition. This dessert accompanied by a chocolate egg and / or sausage. This dessert is a symbol of the period of Lent and abstinences are over. The “mona” eats Sunday and Easter Monday. The tradition of the name comes from the fifteenth century.

Culture and tradition in the house. When it comes Easter is Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Catalonia. It is a bridge that many people make holiday. Any house is ready to receive tourists or new repeaters. The space and tranquillity offered serves to recharge your batteries in nature.

In Catalonia Easter tradition dictates that the godfather or godmother to give away the monkey godson or goddaughter. This dessert has always had eggs, symbol of fertility and birth. The format is traditional egg du but with the passage of time is also chocolate egg. There are grandparents who commissioned the monkey is when they put an egg in the godson. The maximum number of eggs are twelve it is time godson will take the communion.

The celebration of Easter dates vary depending on the year. A celebration belongs to the lunar calendar. It is Easter Sunday following the first full moon of spring (March 21). Then the data can vary between 22 March and 25 April. The Sunday before Palm is forty days ago and if we have the Ash Wednesday. From this Wednesday when Lent begins.

Following the lunar calendar. After Easter Sunday is the Sunday of Pentecost, ten days later, the feast of Corpus will held Patum in Berga



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