Drone for fun in the house

Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle. You must have plenty of space to enjoy the benefits of having the device. Just bring your Drone and space will be yours. Our beautiful rural establishments have outdoor areas. You can rest assured of enjoying your own experience.

Drone on the house for a while. To practice and learn at your own pace, knowing that there is no wall. The rural setting is ideal for flying your Drone. If your device has, a camera will have the opportunity to take some excellent photos or videos. It will be a memory that you can take home after having enjoyed device.

The legislation says that will be flying devices only in remote areas of agglomeration of buildings, cities, towns or places where you find many people. The exterior of our house is a place where there are few people and away from many buildings. It is an ideal place for your Drone fly!

The following photos taken from a Drone. In the first picture, you can see an overview of our environment and the flock of sheep grazing in the field. In the second picture could capture the whole house Ferreres in front is the Baluard and Volta. In this image, you can also see solar panels on the Baluard. Both photos are great!




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