The celebration of the Patum

They begin the celebrations of the Patum held every year in Berga, the capital of the Berguedà. It is a festival that coincides with the date of Corpus Christi, it celebrated from the fourteenth century and 2005 Immaterial Cultural Heritage was proclaimed.

Patum is a festival where the senses and feelings predominate, with different melodies the “patumaires” dance with the groups:
• The Tabal is the harbinger of the party
• The Turcs i Caballets is one of the oldest dance party
• The Maces represent the eternal struggle between good and evil
• The Angels represent good fighting evil
• The Guites are the most primitive elements of the Patum
• The Àliga dances the most majestic and appreciated dance
• The Nans Vells are figures with tricorn hats and castanets
• The Giants defeated former Muslim leaders
• The Nans Nous four festive characters and misshapen
• The Plens is the apotheosis of the party
• The Tirabol gives the final point of the Patum

Exceptionally, it will be the first weekend in September a double Patum in Berga with the occasion of the Centenary of the Coronation of the Mother of God of Queralt.

The groups go out to receive the Virgin on 27 August. This is the first day of events more institutional. Start with a timed initiating the start of the festivities. At this point, all the groups except the Plens will receive the Virgen de Queralt Sallagossa portal from which to accompany the square Sant Pere.

Four will be held Whips Centennial, and the groups will no longer go to day 2, when the traditional Parade held that this time will be the squares of Berga. And finally, on September 3, the day of the canonical coronation of the Virgin of Queralt, will be showcasing a Patum midday and evening Patum completed. On the other hand, is still pending to confirm whether or not the Giants made an ascent to the Sanctuary.


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