Escape room and rural tourism

Escape room is an adult activity that can done while you spend a few days in the cottage. The tourist looks for tranquillity but he also likes the spark of the adventure. In our region, in Berguedà, we have several sites that offer this activity.

Escape room is a game. Players, usually in groups of 4 or 6, start locked in a room and spend different rooms. They have to use the elements that found to solve a series of puzzles and escape before their time is spent. Normally it can done in an hour or an hour and a half.

It is an ideal activity to spend a little while. The different rooms have enigmas and strange objects. Once started an exciting adventure begins. The goal is to be able to overcome the different challenges before time runs out.

Within the game, what matters is logic. You have to be able to find the keys, investigate, solve riddles, and find objects until you can reach the end. All this related to the thread of a story. It is an interactive experience, but at the same time, it is real.

In Gironella, we have the Room Escape Hostal 83. A place represents an abandoned hostel 50 years ago. From the moment, things happen … Using the logic and strategy you can leave the hostel overcoming obstacles.

In Berga, there is also Insomnia. It is formed by 2 Rooms Escape, The doctor’s cocktail and Xperiment. Two activities can done separately. If you want to do it in the same stay, it is advisable to do the Doctor’s Cocktail and then Xperiment … Both of them tense scenes in common with the fun of the visitors.

The basis of the game related to the learning of the game and the happiness. The balance between skills and challenges sought. Time flies!


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