Route the source Pere Casas

Very nice and advisable route. It is suitable for all members of the family. You can start at the door of the house. At the end of the route I encourage you to cool off at the creek next to the source. The name of the source is Pere Casas and the stream is that of La Portella.

The route is linear and the distance is almost 5 km round trip. The approximate duration is one and a half hours. The elevation is 86 meters upwards and 152 descents. The tree that dominates it is the pine. During the walk, you can see beautiful places next to Barcelona, such as the city of Berga under the Sierra de Queralt and the Serrat de la Figuerassa.


The path is wide and good. It can be done with all kinds of footwear, no specific equipment. It is possible to do it by bicycle. Keep in mind that it will have to pass through the doors of the electric wire locks and when it has been closed.

At rural home la Volta we provide a map, made by ourselves. It serves as a guide to make this small trip with the family. We offer it in digital format or on paper. You just have to ask for it during your stay in one of our establishments. We take care of preserving and respecting the journey as it is part of our environment.

I encourage you to take this route by walking around and listening to the birds of the forest as they sing.

In summer, it’s my favorite route. I like to put your feet in the water of the stream!


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