Wifi and agrotourism, new formula

Wifi is a service free for to be connected when the persons are in our establishment. We offer comfort and service. Is a new formula to be connected and to be disconnected. You can make rural tourism in Berguedà without losing connection!

Wifi in Baluard and Volta, but in Cal Cisteller the place for connecting is on the ground floor of the main house Ferreres is a multipurpose room. It is a space where you can find slate, table tennis and table football.

Is easy connected only is necessary the key tan we offer when arrive at establishment. This is a system for tan customer. Wifi is free but is necessary the key.

The router installed in the main house Ferreres. Sometimes when there is not good weather, I connect the UPS (uninterruptible power supply). We prefer that customer can connect with their friends or family.

At times, the people use a social network for to share experiences, likes and photos. We have:
Twitter is for connected with people, express myself, and discover more things we love.
Instagram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments.
Youtube for upload original content, and share it all with friends, family or customers, enjoy the videos our establishments. Blog-twitter-youtube-instagram

Also we have a blog where is possible realize a comment or explain an experience.

Other system for communication is the application WhatsApp and is necessary the service Wifi. With this application, we would like answer as soon as possible. In actuality, the new technology is better for the communication and the relation with customer.

The important is the establishment more a good service. We would that during your stay the happy persons and live a better experience with agrotourism.


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